I was asked to contribute to an etiquette experts article on modern day etiquette rules for gloves for an international glove maker, Harssidanzar. It’s such fun to think about how we can keep this gorgeous tradition alive, especially in the States. If you want to add instant polish to any outfit, simply put on a pair of nice, wrist-length gloves a la Kate and Meghan. It’s so stylish, and also so very functional – especially in those cold winter months.

If you want to read my specific tips, I’ve pasted below, but all of the etiquette expert tips are practical for today and valuable. Remember – jewelry goes under the gloves, and always remove before eating!:)


I’m a firm believer that, much like your grandmother’s silver isn’t just for special occasions, gloves are not just for “fancy” events. Or even, as some people may think, the past!

Gloves are classic and timeless and like a great strand of pearls, they stand out in all the right ways. It’s heartening to see they are making a modern-day comeback for women in a big way. Look no further for proof than Kate or Meghan. But the good news for all of us is, we don’t need to be a Duchess to pull it off! Here are a few key tips for your glove etiquette:

If you want to add instant polish to any outfit, try a pair of short wrist-length gloves. They are incredibly flattering, and a show-stopping addition to your Sunday brunch or sunset cocktail party. Remove the gloves before eating, of course.

Out for a stroll and meet some new acquaintances along the way? It’s completely fine to keep your gloves on for the handshake. However, once you are indoors (especially in a business setting) be sure to remove your gloves before you shake hands. It would be awkward, and possibly offensive, to keep them on in such an instance.

Lastly, the “Material Girl” may have worn her diamond jewelry on the outside of her gloves, but we most assuredly should not;) All jewelry should be worn underneath the glove. This assists in easily pulling off the gloves whenever necessary.

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