Course Overview

CF Etiquette boasts a number of informative and invaluable etiquette classes for
business professionals, adults and children full of authentic life skills.

The courteous and gracious manner with which one conducts themselves in both business and pleasure
can make all the difference in building relationships and getting hired or promoted.

Courtney holds two licenses in etiquette, one in Business Etiquette and the other in Children’s Etiquette
from the prestigious The Emily Post Institute.

  • Have a business or corporation that could benefit from a professional business
    etiquette class?
  • Want to feel confident in any dining situation with a dining etiquette course?
  • Want your children to brush up on their everyday manners?
  • Need help with children’s table manners and dining out?
  • In need of a Ladies’ Night Out that is both fun and filled with valuable learning?
  • Have new college hires who are in need of business etiquette training?

There is tremendous value in knowing how to conduct yourself in all of life’s situations.

Manners are simply about the three principles of consideration, respect, and honesty, and knowing how to apply those to every situation in life.

All of the courses conducted by CF Etiquette use those three principles to instill etiquette tips for a lifetime!

“Whenever two people come together and their
behavior affects one another, you have etiquette.”
– Emily Post

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