The weather is giving us a little break in this area of the country, and it’s starting to feel like (ahhhhh!) SPRING! Though we know better in the Midwest than to think Winter is done with us, the hope is certainly there. But one thing is for sure, the colds aren’t gone just yet!

I sat down to talk with the lovely host of Better Kansas City to talk about cold and flu season etiquette.

Can you avoid shaking hands for the benefit of attempting to stay healthy?

What do you do with a guest who is clearly under the weather?

We tackled all of this and more in our segment. Below are a few quick Do’s to help you stay safe AND civil during cold and flu season!

DO Shake Hands! The damage you can do by avoiding or refusing a hand shake, especially in a business situation, may be detrimental. Etiquette is all about building relationships, and properly greeting someone is an important part of that. Shake hands and then, if needed, discretely excuse yourself and wash your hands.

DO Stay Home! If you’ve been invited to do something with others (let’s say a dinner party…) and you are feeling under the weather, be considerate of the other guests and don’t bring your ailment to the party. On the show, we talked about the reverse – What if you have a guest who is clearly under the weather in attendance? Do you ask him/her to go home? Your good manners would never do such a thing, just be the gracious host you are and don’t bring attention to it.

DO Hold The Door For Others! Keep your gracious manners in mind and continue to grab and hold that door for others. With everyone scurrying inside quickly to get out of the cold, this is such a simple way to show consideration and respect for others.

DO Excuse Yourself! Don’t forget that some things have no place at the table. If you need to blow your nose or manage a prolonged cough, do excuse yourself from the table to the restroom. Your fellow companions will appreciate it!

And one last one that I selfishly include – please DO wipe down the exercise equipment after each use:)

Hang in there! Spring is just around the corner!


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